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Power Lunch Partnership Pays Off at Ludlow-Taylor Elementary

By EW!DC / Published: 11/30/2012

Everybody Wins! DC Power Lunch programs bring caring adults and willing students together for a very basic reason: to encourage a love of reading.


However, at one Power Lunch school, Ludlow-Taylor Elementary in Northeast DC, the principal sees even more power in the Power Lunch partnership; she gives the program credit as one of the factors behind the school’s significant hike in reading scores.

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Area’s Top Law Firms Support 6th Annual Trivia Challenge

By EW!DC / Published: 11/25/2012

Though the spirit of a good cause brought people together, it was the competition and challenging questions that kept them on their toes. 


Kirkland & Ellis LLP hosted the Everybody Wins! DC 6th Annual Lawyers for Literacy Trivia Night on Thursday, November 15, 2012.  The event drew 11 teams from eight of the area’s leading law firms who competed for the titled of “Littare Magister” (“Master of Literacy”). 


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What Is: Legal Trivia? (opens in new tab/window)

By EW!DC / Published: 11/16/2012

Once Again, Target Hits the Mark

By EW!DC / Published: 11/14/2012


For the third school year in a row, Target has reached deep into its pockets to give Everybody Wins! DC (EW!DC) a helping hand, and to claim a unique spot as Lead Mentor Corporate Sponsor for not one, but three Power Lunch schools.



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Making the Most of Mentoring

By EW!DC / Published: 11/14/2012

Power Lunch Reading Mentors have answered the call to touch the lives of students in meaningful ways.  While your relationship with your student is unique, much of what you can accomplish is typical of any healthy, productive mentoring relationship.Forbes Magazine recently published its own take on a great mentoring experience. 


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"Seeing her become more confident and her love of reading increase has been such a joy to watch."
"It's mostly fun to read and watch her become such a confident reader and learn to love reading as much as I do. She is one of my best friends."
"When an adult helps a child, it tells that child how special they are. We send a message to the child- you are important to me- that is powerful and undeniable."
"It's a fantastic program, and I think the mentors get as much, if not more, than the student. You meet wonderful kids and have lots of fun."
"When I read, I learn and grow-- you know, like Jack and the Beanstalk kind of growing and that's really big!"
"I wish Everybody Wins was everyday!"