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Redskins Player, Alfred Morris, Visits Thomson Elementary

By EW!DC / Published: 11/23/2015

The cafeteria at Thomson Elementary School hummed with excitement as more than 100 students and several Reading Mentors waited for Alfred Morris, a Running Back for the Washington Redskins, as well as two Redskins cheerleaders, to arrive. On Monday, November 23rd, EW!DC partnered with the Redskins Charitable Foundation to host a player reading and Thanksgiving craft for the Power Lunch students at Thomson. This event was a wonderful opportunity for students and mentors to reflect on gratitude this Thanksgiving week.


Morris, with the help of Rachel, a 2nd grader at Thomson, read “Have You Filled A Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud. Students learned how doing and saying nice things for others fills their buckets, while negative actions drain buckets. When Morris asked the students if they wanted to be bucket fillers, he was greeted with a resounding “YES!” from the students. He also asked the students to think about ways they could fill someone’s bucket- telling your mentors ‘thank you,’ playing with your little sister, and holding the door for someone- were just a few of the responses he got.


After the reading, students worked with their mentors on a craft project where they wrote down what they are thankful for. Morris and the cheerleaders also assisted groups with the project and took many pictures with the students. Yummy snacks were provided by the Redskins Charitable Foundation, and one of EW!DC’s own mentors from Thomson, Yael Krigman, provided cake pops from her bakery, Baked by Yael. They were a big hit! Finally, each received a new book to take home to add to their personal libraries!



This great event really captured the Thanksgiving spirit and put a big smile on the faces of everyone in attendance. If you want to see photos of the day, please check out the photo gallery and the wonderful video of the event put together by the Redskins. 

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