Power Lunch: Proven Results

Students who participate in Everybody Wins! DC’s (EW!DC) three reading programs benefit greatly from their participation as their reading skills and self-esteem improve.


In two independent evaluations, one under the auspices of the US Dept of Education and the other by Loyola University (Chicago), Power Lunch emerged as one of very few programs documented to effectively impact low-income students in reading comprehension, motivation, achievement, as well as overall academic performance, classroom behavior, self-confidence and social skills. Comparing Power Lunch student groups with non-Power Lunch groups, information was collected from teachers, students, reading mentors and standardized test scores.


Summary of Results

• More than twice as many Power Lunch students improved their academic performance compared to control group students.
• By the program's conclusion, 55% of Power Lunch students often or always enjoyed reading.
• 94% of Power Lunch teachers and volunteers reported being satisfied or very satisfied with the program.


Read the full evaluation. Teachers also reported that Everybody Wins! DC students who read below grade level showed increased enthusiasm for books and improved both their academic performance and their classroom behavior. Other impacts included: taking books home more often, being read to more often at home, an increase in library visits and volunteering to read aloud in class more often.
EW!DC administers pre and post program assessments and results have showcased similar improvements in reading and reading related skills.  During the 2010-2011 school year 99.1% of mentors felt that their student benefitted from the Power Lunch program.



"I love this program. It helps me get better with my reading. I learn new words with Everybody Wins!"
"I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my lunch hour!"
"My student has jumped leaps and bounds in her reading confidence."
"It's going to be great when summer's over and we can read again together."
"I came to Everybody Wins a young girl who didn't like reading and I'm leaving as a girl who loves books and everything about them."
"He told me on his last day that he wanted to go to college and read and learn math!"
"Most of all, I will remember enjoying the improvement I witnessed over the past two years!"
"I like when my reading partner reads to me and I get to learn to read when I read back to her."