Readers Are Leaders



Children reading to children — that’s what makes Readers Are Leaders special. Readers Are Leaders is a vital peer mentoring program that matches older students with younger ones. The pairs meet for one-on-one reading during the lunch and recess hour.


Readers Are Leaders partners — Kindergarten through fifth grade students — are from the same Title I public schools as the students with whom they read. Once a week, the reading partners eat lunch with their students and then enjoy books together. Both students benefit from the extra reading time in their week, and their reading skills inevitably improve.


List of participating Readers Are Leaders schools.


"I love this program. It helps me get better with my reading. I learn new words with Everybody Wins!"
"I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my lunch hour!"
"My student has jumped leaps and bounds in her reading confidence."
"It's going to be great when summer's over and we can read again together."
"I came to Everybody Wins a young girl who didn't like reading and I'm leaving as a girl who loves books and everything about them."
"He told me on his last day that he wanted to go to college and read and learn math!"
"Most of all, I will remember enjoying the improvement I witnessed over the past two years!"
"I like when my reading partner reads to me and I get to learn to read when I read back to her."