“I have loved my time with Everybody Wins. In fact, reading at Francis Stevens is often the most exciting part of my week. Getting to interact with my buddy over our shared love of books is such a refreshing way to start a Monday morning!”

Reading Mentor
School Without Walls at Francis Stevens

Join Power Lunch as a Reading Mentor today!

The Power Lunch program matches public elementary school students with professionals from the community and uses that one-on-one connection to instill a love of reading and learning. The commitment is just one hour a week for the school year (or one hour every two weeks if you pair up with a co-worker) and the mentoring session is held during the student’s lunch period

During the 2017-2018 school year, Power Lunch mentors spent thousands of hours reading with 383 students at 12 local schools. At the same time, hundreds of students were on a waiting list waiting for a mentor.  Now is the time to apply to be a Reading Mentor and make those waiting lists disappear!

The majority of our Reading Mentors participate through a company- or office-sponsored Power Lunch partnership with EWDC.

These Power Lunch partners provide critical support — both financial and other. For information about becoming a Power Lunch partner, click here. We also welcome self-employed, retired, and other individuals to join us as Reading Mentors.

Contact programs@everybodywinsdc.org for details.

Ready to get started? Great!  Follow these easy steps:

  1. Fill out the mentor application.
  2. Complete the DCPS Volunteer Application. Click here for details. If you plan to be a Reading Mentor at Key Elementary School in Arlington, VA, follow the APS volunteer process.
  3. We will match you with a student.
  4. Attend a mentor orientation. Both new and returning mentors receive an orientation and training before their first sessions.
  5. Start reading and improve your student’s life through shared reading experiences.