Become A Sponsor

Everybody Wins DC believes that the power of shared reading has the ability to change lives and improve outcomes for students, schools, and communities.

Corporate sponsorship helps EWDC deliver its shared reading programs – Power Readers, The Book Project, & StoryTime and more – to children across the region.

This means providing one-on-one mentorship for students, free books all year, and special readings events that spark excitement about learning, all things that will help children succeed in school, in the workforce, and in their communities.

To help EWDC continue, they need support from leaders in our community like you. We customize recognition to meet the needs of our donors.

Learn more about our sponsorship options for the 2020-2021 school year here.


Contact Jordi Hutchinson, EWDC Executive Director, at, to discuss how you can start supporting children through shared reading today!

Thank you to our 2020-2021 sponsors and grantors – Rotary Foundations of Washington, DC, Nora Roberts Foundation, AT&T, Altria, Florida Sugar Cane League and American Petroleum Institute – whose invaluable support supplements shared reading programs and services for children throughout the school year.