Power Readers

For 25 years, EWDC has connected mentors and students to read together for one hour a week. This quality time over a book helps students develop the social-emotional and literacy skills needed to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Formerly known as Power Lunch, this program will now be known as Power Readers, as reading sessions will now take place not just at lunch but throughout the day – including after school.

Sessions are 100% virtual with all operations and logistics managed by EWDC so that our students and volunteers can simply enjoy their time together, reading books they enjoy.

Right now, Power Readers is open to students who participated in the program during SY19-20, but please feel free to register for our other activities. Click here to learn more!


Students Win By:

  • Developing literacy and reading comprehension skills
  • Being exposed to new ideas and opportunities through their volunteers
  • Building a positive relationship with a caring adult, which helps develop self-confidence and other critical social-emotional skills
  • Improving listening, communication, and other interpersonal skills

Schools Win By:

  • Seeing improvements in their students’ literacy and social-emotional skills
  • Building connections with local organizations
  • Getting support for classroom learning without bearing any additional administrative burden or cost

Volunteers Win By:

  • Enjoying a meaningful way to give back to a student in need
  • Making a positive impact in a student’s life
  • Building connections with their own communities
  • Being able to take advantage of EWDC social and networking activities

Partner Organizations Win By:

  • Seeing increased employee engagement, productivity, job satisfaction, and retention
  • Making connections that could develop into future business and workforce opportunities
  • Partners receive recognition for their commitment to the community and for giving back to students in need