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The mission of Everybody Wins DC:
To improve lives through shared reading.

Your generous tax deductible donation today will impact the lives of hundreds of students served by
our programs each year. Below are examples of how your support today helps support our mission.

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Become an EWDC Page Turner Today! The Page Turners program is a monthly giving platform that allows for caring and committed individuals have the opportunity to make a lasting difference in a student's life through mentoring, while also providing vital financial support for EWDC.

The cost of serving just one Power Lunch student can exceed $1,000, including the cost of reading materials, mentor training, background checks, and program staff support.

To kick off our 25th school year, we are asking supporters to consider committing $25 a month (or $300 annually), Page Turners help offset these costs and make it possible to extend EWDC's programs to even more students at our partner elementary schools throughout the Washington metro area.

Through Everybody Wins, mentors and students have the opportunity to explore new words and new worlds through the stories and conversations you share together. Thanks to EWDC's Page Turners, many more promising young students will have access the support, confidence, and skills they need to be successful in school and beyond.

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