The Book Project

The number of books a child has at home is directly linked to literacy growth, academic performance, and other developmental outcomes. That is why EWDC works hard to ensure that children across the DC area have home libraries filled with engaging, empowering, and inspiring stories that will keep them reading for years to come. 

Through The Book Project, EWDC's distribution initiative, EWDC gives books to all Power Readers and StoryTime participants as well as hosts large-scale giveaway events that put thousands of books directly into kids' hands each year. 

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"The books that EWDC distributes in our communities help kids build awareness of what's possible!"

EWDC Program Partner

"I can't wait to share this book with my mom and sister. I know they will love it as much as I do!"

EWDC Power Readers Student

"For some of my students the books they received from EWDC are the only books they have."

Teacher, EWDC Partner School

Read in Color: Celebrating Diversity Through Books

When children see diversity celebrated on the page, it does more than just promote empathy, understanding, and inclusion. Books that elevate communities often underrepresented in children's literature give all young readers a chance to see themselves and their experiences reflected back to them. 

In 2021, EWDC launched a partnership with Little Free Library for their Read in Color Initiative with the goal of increasing access to stories that elevate BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized voices, offer perspectives on racism and social justice, and celebrate experiences from all identities for all readers. Through this effort, EWDC supports 21 Little Free Library book-sharing boxes across the DC area, with a focus on communities that are considered book deserts, and continually fills them with representative and engaging stories. Click here to see a map of EWDC's Read in Color Little Free Libraries.

Beyond our Little Free Library partnership, EWDC also prioritizes books that celebrate diversity in program activities.


The future of STEM depends on a diverse workforce. Yet people of color, women, and others from marginalized communities aren’t equally represented in STEM. This is in part because children from different backgrounds can't always imagine a path for themselves in STEM. EWDC is trying to change that through the power of reading  

By creating opportunities for children to see representative STEM role models in books and through reading events, EWDC is showing students that they too have a place in STEM and can find success in science, technology, engineering, and math. 

Since launching this special project in May 2023, EWDC has put more than 3,300 diverse STEM books into kids' hands, hosted 60 special reading events or distributions, and reached over 2,000 students. 

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