Become a Partner Organization

Power Readers is bigger than just the student it serves.
Everybody wins with Power Readers, including our partner organizations. 

EWDC currently works with 177 partners to bring volunteers into 12 public elementary schools across the District and Virginia. Not only are these partners making a profound impact on students’ lives, they directly benefit as a result of their participation.  

  • By offering their employees a simple, efficient, yet incredibly consequential way to give back to their communities they see increased employee engagement, productivity, job satisfaction, and retention in return.
  • Employees serving as mentors act as positive role models and ambassadors in the community and help make connections that could develop into future business and workforce opportunities.
  • Partners receive recognition for their commitment to the community and for giving back to students in need.

What does it mean to be a Power Readers Partner Organization? 

Partners are those that have made a commitment at the organizational level to support EWDC, Power Readers and the mission to improve lives through shared reading. This means that the organization has agreed to: 

  • Encourage and support employee participation in Power Readers;
  • Assist EWDC with recruitment efforts to identify additional employees for Power Lunch participation
  • Offer additional programmatic support as mutually agreed upon.