New Programs: Premiering in 2020

To help meet the emerging needs of children, families, and school communities across the DC area, EWDC is introducing several new shared reading programs in SY20-21. These opportunities and experiences will offer supportive, informative, and fun ways to stay engaged through reading while learning from home:

  • Book Clubs: Student Book Clubs will allow small groups of children to meet regularly and discuss great books with EWDC staff and volunteers. This program will provide children with much-needed social interaction with peers and mentors and help them read and explore new stories for fun!


  • Family Workshops: EWDC’s Family Workshops will connect parents and guardians with EWDC partners to provide learning opportunities on topics ranging from literacy, child development, financial planning, college and career awareness, and more!


  • Student Learning Communities: EWDC’s virtual Student Learning Communities will offer one-time or extended opportunities for students to engage in interesting shared reading experiences! Programs may include “Learn from the Expert” sessions where students explore a topic of interest with the guidance of an expert in the field or small group sessions for students who seek a deeper dive into a story or theme of their choice.


Ways You Can Engage

EWDC will need volunteers for all of these programs! The range of options accommodates for all types of schedules, so there's something for everyone, and plenty of opportunities for your organization to lead a special event for our students and families. We are also happy to discuss your needs and interests over email or give us a call (202) 216-9467.