Power Lunch

Love of Shared Reading

Shared reading has the power to change a student's life. Add a caring adult to the experience and the impact is even more profound.

Power Lunch, EWDC's signature shared reading program, connects elementary school students with caring volunteers to read together once a week during the students' lunch hour. No curriculum, no lesson plans. Just spending quality time together, reading books they enjoy. 

Why? Because while schools focus on teaching kids how to read, Power Lunch focuses on motivating kids to want to read. Why? Because students who are motivated to read - who love to read - are on a direct path to higher overall achievement and success both inside and outside the classroom.

Students Win By:

  • Developing literacy and reading comprehension skills
  • Being exposed to new ideas and opportunities through their volunteers 
  • Building a positive relationship with a caring adult , which helps develop self-confidence and other critical social-emotional skills 
  • Improving listening, communication, and other interpersonal skills

Volunteers Win By:

  • Enjoying a meaningful way to give back to a student in need
  • Making a positive impact in student's life 
  • Building connections with their own communities 
  • Being able to take advantage of EWDC social and networking activities

In addition, schools win by seeing improvements in their students' literacy and social-emotional skills without bearing any additional administrative burden or cost and organizations wins by offering a simple and efficient, yet incredibly consequential way to give back to their communities.