Read in Color

Access to books is one issue. Access to books that resonate with the reader is something else entirely. Right now, less than 30% of all children's books depict non-white lead characters or storylines. That means for the majority of children in the DC region, they aren't seeing themselves on the page. This lack of representation inhibits personal growth and limits opportunities for education, inclusion, and social justice. 

To help address this critical issue, EWDC is partnering with the Little Free Library organization for the Read in Color initiative, an effort to bring diverse books to communities across the nation. 

Together with Little Free Library, EWDC will place 21 new book-sharing boxes across the region and fill them with over 4,000 children's books that celebrate diverse characters, voices, and communities. 

Van Metre Centro Nia - 260-compressed
Van Metre Centro Nia - 296-compressed

Little Free Library Locations

How to Support

Looking for ways to support the Read in Color initiative in Washington, DC and expand access to diverse books in more communities? Here's how:

  • Buy books - we have an extensive Amazon wishlist of titles to choose from. Click here to view.
  • Organize a Read in Color book drive - book drives can be done through work, book clubs, fraternities, sororities, church groups, etc... You name it, it can be done! We provide all the materials you need, just email:
  • Help deliver books to Little Free Libraries
  • Note writing: write a kind and encouraging note to a child. Click here for notes writing instructions.
  • Partner with EWDC: EWDC is looking for organizations to serve as stewards of Little Free Libraries and/or general sponsors for the Read in Color initiative. Email Rody Baron: to learn more about organizational opportunities.
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